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The Green Sea Restaurant was established in 1994. The key principle was to utilise quality local produce, so as to be able to provide the best quality Greek dishes, to visitors, both local and from overseas.
Subsequent aim therefore has been to continue to exceed our clients' expectations, and to delight them with the quality of our food and service.
From the earliest years of serving our clients, we have been determined to make their eating experience with us as good as it could be. And so in 2003, we renovated the Green Sea Restaurant, so as to build into it all that we had learned from experience that our clients could wish for.
In order to meet even the most discerning palate, and demanding customers, we offer an extensive menu, with a wide variety of dishes prepared from fresh vegetables, locally produced meat, homemade sweets, fresh call to finish, authentic Greek cuisine, and some of the most exciting dishes from international kitchens, dreamy deserts, and ice cream made from natural ingredients, all prepared in our own kitchens by talented chefs who wall work in accordance with our philosophy of the best quality produce carefully chosen and prepared.
Green Sea Studios and Apartments
The Green Sea Restaurant was first established on the bay, which is both known as Skala Potamia, and the Golden Beach, in the year 1994. From then onwards, we established a reputation both on and off the island for having quality and a wide variety of excellently produced local dishes.
In 2000, we built the Green Sea Apartments, available to be let to holidaymakers, and offering the same quality of care and attention that we had put into serving our clients in the Green Sea Restaurant.
Thus we are able to offer all our guests all that is necessary for their complete satisfaction, so as to have the most enjoyable holidays.

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