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Believe it or not, the history of beer actually begins before history began.  In fact, archaeologists believe that the oldest known recipe,  written in the Sumerian language on stone tablets,  is for beer. By 4000 B.C., the Babylonians were brewing at least sixteen varieties of beer and the Pharaohs of Egypt actually paid their workers with jugs of beer. (Talk about the good old days.)

Welcome to Gordon Biersch Brewery in San Jose, CA, in the United States.  The first thing to know about brewing is that basically, it's cooking. The brewer is a chef, the Brewery is his kitchen and the brew kettle no more than a pot.  Granted, at 1500 liters, it is a very, very large pot. The recipe for Gordon Biersch Brewery's beer contains only four ingredients as dictated by the 500-year-old German purity law called Rheinheitsgebot.  In Germany, breweries follow this law because they have to. At Gordon Biersch Brewery, we follow it because we want to.

It's hard to believe that over 10 years have passed since we opened our first  Brewery Restaurant.  Though we continue to grow throughout the West, our main business objective remains the same, to produce world class authentic larger beers to be enjoyed in a fun, energetic and creative environment.

Bottom line, at Gordon Biersch Brewery we think beer is fun.   When it comes to introducing a seasonal beer, we celebrate it.   We bring you a year-long festival of beer, food and collectible merchandise.

At  Gordon Biersch Brewery we offer our guests a service, staff that is informed, proactive and unpretentious.   Celebrate interesting flavors and dishes that are complemented by a cool half liter of lager beer.   Share it with a friend.   We hope to see you in our restaurant soon.


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