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Golf De Cherbourg - Surely one of most beautiful the 9 holes of Normandy, located on the heights of Cherbourg. Very wooded but equipped with very narrow fairways and small greens, the Golf De Cherbourg saw its slope to go up to 137 metres! It will celebrate its 30th birthday next year, the trees are thus major and very present, and thus it remains technically frightening. You will appreciate the 1st hole, by 4 in dogleg left with the attack of green very delicate, the 5th hole, other dogleg right of 349m. The sea, in spite of the very wooded environment, is indeed visible from the 1st hole, to the 2, 3, 8 and 9 of the greens or fairways. From now on property of the Town of Cherbourg, the Golf could progress up to 18 holes and become a superb tourist tool. Come play at Golf De Cherbourg.

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