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Welcome to Genworth, Stockholm Sweden. Genworth Financial Inc. is a leading American Company in the Insurance sector that expands strongly globally. Currently, we have 7.000 employees in 25 countries. With over 105 billions US dollars in accesses (USD per 31.12.2005), we meet over 15 millions customers' needs re loan payment protection, lives - and retirement annuities and assurances of nest loans to households.

At Genworth Financial we always try to find better ways to serve our customers and our unique activity expand both locally and global. We show our aid to the society part's through ours volunteers work and part's via Genworth' s dioceses

At Genworth Stockholm we provide payment protections to customers over the whole Europe. Payment Protection Insurance helps our customers to cope with your payment obligations, for example nest loans, loans waxing and credit card, wide event of disease, accident falls, unemployment or deaths.

Genworth is one of the conductive suppliers of nest loan assurances international. The Bo loan Insurance facilitates the loan deals' growth since it is on an effective way that reduces the risk that traditional are associated with room loans that have high mortgage value. The Bo loan Insurance protects långivare and investors against credit losses whether the room loan would not be paid back. Långivare has thereby possibility to offer loans that require more smaller own initiative of the borrower, which in turn makes  it possible for more borrowers around in the world. In USA, companies specialize within Genworth on pension saving&investment products, nest loan Insurance, life assurance and long-term medical coverage.

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