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Welcome to The Garden Gallery in Half Moon Bay, California, in the United States, where you will find the work of very talented contemporary painters and sculptors with extraordinary ability. We're certain you will enjoy the fine artwork we present at The Garden Gallery.
The artistic "voices" of our artists are unique, sophisticated, and shine with authenticity. Each piece is created with high regard for technique combined with a drive to pursue a personal artistic vision.
We hope you enjoy your visit to The Garden Gallery in Half Moon Bay, California, and we would love to hear from you.
After nearly 30 years in the field of fine art, representing artwork by masters of the past two centuries, we acquired The Garden Gallery in 1997. Since then we have sought to present work by some of the finest contemporary traditional painters and sculptors with whose work we come in contact. As a result, we believe the art we present at The Garden Gallery comprises a collection of consistently high quality. We hope you agree after visiting our gallery in Half Moon Bay, California.
We are often asked how we choose the art that we show. We try to focus on only a few things when it comes to selecting an artist and their work. Primarily, we look for consistent technical skill and originality in artistic choices. The artwork that draws our attention invariably is produced by artists who have an apparent sense of purpose and commitment.
Our artists are mature professionals who respect their personal artistic visions enough that they have refined their skills to the degree their visions deserve. We are always excited to see new work that is produced by talented individuals with this kind of ethic and drive. It's the kind of work that shines with life and inspires us as well as those who visit our gallery.
Each of the works of art we show at The Garden Gallery represents a personal choice we make and reflects our personal commitment to what we do, the artists we work with and the clients who visit our gallery (on- and off-line). We take our art personally and we take our relationships with artists and clients personally, as well.

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