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Welcome to Framed, The Darwin Art Gallery in Australia. Framed is the largest commercial Gallery in the North of Australia. It owes a great deal of its success to the underlying philosophy that "art is for everyone".

The Art Gallery is a large building of over 800 square metres encompassing 10 exhibition spaces. About 2km from Darwin city centre, Framed are just up the road from the Botanical Gardens. This functional and artistic environment presents and sells a wide variety of quality art seven days a week, five minutes from the city centre. The accessible and diverse nature of the Art Gallery have made it a must for art lovers and deserving of its reputation as one of the most successful commercial art galleries in the North of Australia.  In addition to official exhibitions at Framed, there is always an extensive collection of fine art and craft including jewellery from around Australia as well as locally crafted pieces of furniture that harmonise function and original design. This collection is constantly changing as work moves through the Art Gallery. Framed also sells art books and original prints.

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55 Stuart Highway, Darwin, Australia
Northern Territory
61 (08) 8981 2994
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