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Welcome to the Firefighters' Club in Burnaby, British Columbia in Canada.
Firefighters' Club is a multi-event facility featuring a 4900 square foot hall, a boardroom, and a bar/Club for your wedding, banquet, conference, or special function needs.
Our experienced, caring family will ensure your day is remembered for the right reasons.
Firefighters' Club is Burnaby, British Columbia's best kept secret.
As a proven specialist in holding special events, the Firefighters' Club continues to be the trusted place where important and memorable events are held.
The three most important things that make us so successful are our elegant facilities and ambiance, excellent meals, and friendly, competent service.
The facility houses a Banquet Hall, a main Boardroom, a basement Boardroom, and a Lounge / Club. These four areas make up the largest area of the Firefighters' Club. The Vancouver Firefighters Local 18, and Burnaby Firefighters Local 323 rent office space in the building as well.
The Firefighters' Club is a private Club, but does allow for the general public to become members.
Looking to fundraise? Contact us and we can gladly assist you in helping raise money for your organization.

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6515 Bonsor Street
British Columbia
(604) 437-4347
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Multi-event Facility
Special Function Needs
Proven Specialists
Memorable Events
Warm Place
Big Screen TV
Two Pool Tables
Large Dart Area
Great Menu
Fine Food Selections
Fine Service Staff
Live Entertainment

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