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Welcome to The Dominican Tavern in Gdansk, Poland.   A lot of care has gone into the decor  of The Dominican Tavern, a  striking venue at the Philharmonic Hall, and it really pays off.  Doric pillars, striped cushions, bathrooms adorned with ceramic tiles and stained glass, and the odd touch of art nouveau create a space that is both elegant and stylish. The food itself at The Dominican Tavern can rightly be considered some of the best in Gdansk, and vintage Polish fare is served up beside fish that were swimming earlier that morning.   An outdoor terrace enables you to make the most of the location by the Motlawa River in Gdansk, and live music performances happen at The Dominican Tavern on Mondays on Wednesday.
If you want to experience amazing moments in the atmosphere of merchants’ and town councillors’ meetings which has given the charm to the city of Gdansk, come and join us at The Dominican Tavern.
The Dominican Tavern,  you will spend uncanny moments here and feel the charm of The Old Gdansk,  the city which is still hiding a lot of secrets.  
Come and visit us.

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