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The German Maritime Museum or Deutsches SchiffahrtsMuseum - (DSM) extends with the open-air Museum as well as the Museum harbour in the very centre of Bremerhaven between the Columbus-Centre and the Weserdeichpromenade. The park-like site, with the large maritime objects on land and the ten old-timers of the Museum fleet, forms, together with the display collections of the DSM and the historical, maritime surroundings, a unique ensemble of German shipping history.

The Museum harbour of today gave its name to the first phase of construction for the city of Bremerhaven, which was founded in 1827 by the free Hanseatic city of Bremen on the Northern Geeste shoreline at the mouth of the river Weser. In 1830 the dock harbour could be opened through which Bremen could protect its significance as a seaport and trading centre. Little of historical substance has remained due to varying industrial useages, especially for deep-sea fishing and the fishing industry, a devastating bomb attack on the 18 September 1944 as well as a partial filling-in of the former harbour basin with the lock and the loss of many buildings in the course of the last decades. The Museum harbour with the last big wooden sailing trader of Germany (and the last all over the world), the barque SEUTE DEERN, which lies here since 1966, was part of the nucleus opened in 1975 by the Deutsches SchiffahrtsMuseum.

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