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Head through the red door of Czerwone Drzwi Restaurant at ul. Piwna 52 and savour one of the most delightful atmospheres in Old Gdansk in Poland.   Owner Monika Zieba has created a labour of love at Czerwone Drzwi Restaurant and the results are a pleasure.  It's not always the case in Gdansk but  Czerwone Drzwi Restaurant's interior doesn't jar with the splendour of the burgher's house where the restaurant is located.  Drop by for a coffee, or settle in for a first class lunch or dinner. The Polish menu at Czerwone Drzwi Restaurant changes with the seasons, but you can be sure of excellent options not to mention great service throughout the year.   Book ahead to make sure you get that table.
Czerwone Drzwi Restaurant is situated in the heart of Old Town Gdansk in a charming street lined with 17th century style houses with porches.   The porch with the biggest granite spheres leads to the catchy red door.   Czerwone Drzwi Restaurant means red door in English.   Enjoy Live music nightly while you indulge in a delicious meal by candlelight, creating an atmosphere of warmth and cosiness.   The restaurant can accommodate 30 guests and in summer there is space for ten persons in the porch.
Czerwone Drzwi Restaurant offers a diversified menu full of delicious and interesting foods, besides Polish specialities, we serve dishes from other countries.    We do not have a wide selections of wines, but what we have to offer is always carefully selected.

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ul. Piwna 52/53
Pomeranian Voivodeship
+48 (58) 3015764
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