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Discover the secrets of Diamond cutting and polishing in Coster Diamonds, our Diamond cutting factory in Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands.
Admire our impressive diamond and jewellery collection. This will be a brilliant experience which you will not forget in a hurry.
As soon as you enter the stately premises of Coster Diamonds, in Amsterdam, North Holland, you enter a different world, the world of diamonds. During the free guided tour, the process of cutting and polishing diamonds will be explained in detail, from rough diamond to enthralling end product. In addition, we shall be pleased to show you our exclusive collection of loose and set diamonds in various price ranges.
The fact that the most precious stones in the world are ?made? from a cheap raw material such as carbon would seem unlikely. But the production process demands an environment and natural forces which cannot be replicated by human hands. Moreover, the crystallisation of carbon into a rough diamond takes millions of years.

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Paulus Potterstraat 2-8
North Holland
+31 20 305 55 55
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Diamond cutting
Founded In 1840
Diamond Cutting Factory
Impressive Diamonds
Jewellery Collection
Brilliant Experience
Collection Loose Stones
Various Price Ranges
Skilled Goldsmiths
Extensive Guided Tours

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