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Chocoutlet in Lecco, Lombardy, Italy is a magical world of sweet surprises where refined delicate flavours and fragrances meet to offer you sublime and authentic tastes, and there is a wide selection of products for desserts as well as gourmet products, gifts and artisan pralines. All products are the result of long tradition and Italian excellence by ICAM Chocolate, and from the raw material to the processing and creation of the personalised recipes, they invest in the Chocolate supply chain in every aspect, their unconventional organic Chocolate, fair trade, sugar free and gluten free items have captured the international market. Chocoutlet is a high quality, elegant shop with excellent staff who will guide you in your purchases and extraordinary gift package choices, they also make gift packs for companies and individuals, plus online shopping is available.

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Via dei Pescatori, 53,
+39 0341 290371
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