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Welcome to the Cairns Museum, Cairns, Australia. The Cairns Museum presents a history of Cairns and District in static and pictorial displays. Beginning with our Aboriginal and Islander beginnings, the Chinese influence and early timber, mining and agricultural industries, the displays touch on every period of our development from foundation to the present day. Communications, Cairns in WW2 and railway historical items are presented on the spacious verandahs, while displays reflecting our domestic artifacts, shipping, the impact of European culture and local Aboriginal history are presented in the main showrooms. A representation of an early Chinese Joss House is an important feature. A range of Society publications and monthly bulletins are available for sale at the counter and a video outlining the attractions of Cairns and District is constantly displayed for the enjoyment of visitors. The Cairns Museum is fully airconditioned.

The Museum encourages visits from school groups and other interested parties. Those organising the group visits should contact the Society (by phone, fax or email) for additional information and to arrange bookings.

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Shields Street, City Place, Cairns
(07) 40 515 582
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