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Two hours of sunshine on a working day can be worth more than an entire day of sunshine on holiday. Everybody loves holidays. Miles from home in a happy and pleasant surroundings. However, sooner or later everything's over and it's time to say goodbye. The best days of the year always seem too short. People who have 'made it' in life can follow the sun and live permanently where others spend their holidays. During a cruise the idea occurred to us.

Instead of following the sun, why shouldn't the sun follow us? Standing in front of an old weathered colonial house on a sunny coastline, we suddenly had a crazy vision. Why should we sit for hours in a cramped plane and spend our first days in paradise with a severe case of jet-lag, when we could transfer paradise to our home town. Your destination? Cafe Del Sol,in Bremen. A romantic spot far from rat-race with a touch of the south and the atmosphere of holiday. A quick break, closer than the next airport. A sun-soaked isle in a workaday ocean. For your daily breather, right away at your doorstep.

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