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Welcome to a world of holistic well-being on the Bodensee. The vast jungle of conventional diets presently on offer everywhere is confusing - we wish you to take your time in looking at what we have on offer here at Buchinger and invite you to contact us directly – we shall attend to your individual needs with pleasure, discretion and empathy. Whatever your physical or psychological concerns may be, your journey to a new self here at Buchinger will be worth the effort!

Nestled into a landscaped park high above the Bodensee, surrounded by statuesque trees, formalised lawns, multi - coloured flower beds, sloping terraces, and cosy seating areas, Buchinger's residences induce feelings of inspiration, serenity and reflection in our guests. The view opens itself onto the distant Bern and Glarn, Swiss alpine peaks, and the tree-lined Überlingen Lake at the northernmost part of sparkling Lake Constance. In these inspiring surroundings, Dr. Otto Buchinger found the perfect setting for his south German fasting clinic in the early 1950s.

Buchinger’s fasting programme stresses the harmonious interaction of movement and relaxation and a balanced spirit and psyche. It is supplemented by gymnastics, walking, massages, and baths.

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