Brod and Vann in Halden, Halden, Norway | Bakery | Restaurant

Brod and Vann in Halden, Norway translates as bread and water, and here they are passionate about creating magic using just flour, salt and water, and all their products are sublime 100 percent baked goods. This fantastic team are honest about what goes into their bread, about where their commodities come from, using only pure raw materials and keeping away from additives, and they make everything by hand, they are passionate about delivering a product they can be proud of. Brod and Vann have a delicious menu of home made products, and you can settle into one of their prison cells for a snack, they make all their pesto, potato salad, mayonnaise and more themselves, come for honest food that comes from the heart with a great selection of sweet baking and other sublime menu items.

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Brod og vann, Torget 5,
90 56 90 80
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Baked Goods
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