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Brazilian Santos Coffee, Santos, Brazil, has been known for more than a 100 years as Brazil's Green Gold. These coffee beans are grown high atop the hills of Brazil's Santos region. The careful cultivation of Santos coffee seeds and the harvesting of their beans has remained virtually unchanged for generations. These beauties' have a strong flavor and medium body.

Brazilian Santos Coffee is so good due to the dry winters of the savannah highlands of Bahia and Northern Minas Gerais and their proximity to the Ecuator line yield high quailty Brazilian coffees. The Cerrado highlands of Western Minas Gerais benefit from well defined seasons, uniform maturation and plenty of sunshine in the harvesting season to produce a round cup with perfect balance between body and acidity. The South Minas and Mogiana mountains are well known for Brazilian coffees with very good body and aroma and a degree of natural sweetness not found elsewhere in the world.

Our Brazilian coffee beans are slow roasted and each bag is dated (roast on dating) to guarantee freshness. All Brazilian Santos Coffee beans come in air tight silver foil bag with one way valves to preserve the great taste. You can choose the desired grind and roast for your coffee.

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