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Boleor in Can Pastilla, Mallorca on the Balearic Islands of Spain offers Boat Rentals without any nautical license needed, and they are simple and comfortable to drive even if you've never navigated before, they guarantee an unforgettable experience. Their fleet of speedboats can take up to 12 people, and you head out to sea to sunbathe and explore creeks, beaches, caves and cliffs in the bay of Palma, as well as enjoy watersports. Boleor has boats without a license needed and speedboats with a license needed, and some come with sundecks and huge bath platforms, some have cockpit showers and electrical fridges with options of a wakeboard, waterskiis or donut bouy, rent today and let the fun begin.

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Club Maritimo San Antoni de la Playa - Carrer Virgili 27 - Pantalan F-
Can Pastilla
Balearic Islands
+34 633 633 248
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