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Beleza Spa in Burbank, California in the United States is a result oriented Spa. We are dedicated to treat you, your body and your skin, individually and collectively, to provide you with an overall feeling of beauty.
At Beleza Spa, we provide facials, anti-aging specialties, clinical skincare (includes) acne control, lightening treatments, gentle and deep chemical peels and micro-dermabrasion. Esthetics also includes make-up, waxing, lash extensions and lash tinting. Body treatments, massage, hair color, design and cuts are also available at Beleza Spa.
Beleza Spa was named and inspired by its definition, quality of which that is beautiful feeling of beauty; beautiful being.
Beleza Spa specializes in advanced skin and body care therapies providing dramatic results. You will see and feel the quality, a true difference in your skin.
At Beleza Spa in Burbank, California, it is our goal for you to feel beautiful, inside and out
We want your experience to be extraordinary. With our signature scent, relaxing music, and quiet Space, we know you will find Beleza Spa a tranquil environment. We truly value our clients. We are dedicated to build and maintain relationships.
Beleza Spa uses products with the highest quality ingredients. We offer a wide selection of retail products to take your Spa experience home with you.

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4111 W Olive Avenue
United States
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Dedicated To Treatments
Anti-aging Specialties
Clinical Skincare
Feelings Of Beauty
Advanced Skin Treatments
Body Care Therapies
Dramatic Results
Result Oriented Spa
Signature Scent
Relaxing Music
Quiet Space
Tranquil Environment

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