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Korcula, Croatia, has a lot of small and secluded Beaches all over the island, but the best and most popular ones, are sandy Beach Vela Przina in Lumbarda and pebble Beach Pupnatska Luka.

Although these are very popular Beaches, there are a lot of hidden and secluded swimming spots as well as Beaches that are worth visiting and spending a day on. Beach Banje is an old Korcula Town Beach right in the centre of Korcula Town, close to Hotel Marco Polo and Hotels Park as well as to a local swimming and water polo club ' KPK'. This popular pebble Beach is very busy in the summer time, crowded with tourists from town and nearby Hotels as well as locals. There are numerous cafes and restaurants close by, so one can have some refreshments without the need to get fully dressed again. This Beach is very safe for children if you are based in Korcula Town. Banje Beach is very popular with locals who live around Borak area, as well as among members of KPK - Korcula's swimming and waterpolo club, who like to go for swim at Banje after their training sessions at the next-door pool.

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