Bahian Cida in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil | Restaurant

Bahian the Cida Restaurant has been located at lagoon of the conceição for 20 years, in a house envidraçada under the shades of hoses becoming a elegant environment.
Come savour our specialties of the bahian cilinária and to know our ample menu.
On Saturdays we serve a delicious buffet of feijoada, that was cited in the magazine SEES as one of the best of Santa Catarina.
On sundays we serve traditional buffet of bahian food and fruits of the sea, with bobó, escondidinho, baião of two, gratinada oyster, shrimp garlic and oil, grilled fish and much more, are to give pleasure in the mouth. The house is prepared to make events, formation, marriage, anniversary, ETC�
We have capacity to take care of the 80 people (seated) and also possuimos an ample parking at Bahian Cida.

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Street Alfonso Luiz Borba, 525
Santa Catarina
(48) 3234 6216
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