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The Atlanta International Hostel receives lots of praise for it's excellent midtown location in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, Atlanta's young and thriving neighborhood. With over 100 restaurants and bars/pubs located within blocks of the Hostel everyone is guaranteed to find a fun place to eat a nice inexpensive dinner along with a cold pint of awesome local beer.
Atlanta International Hostel is the first full Hostel to exist in Atlanta (1991). The family run Hostel has grown from 20 beds in 1992 to 100 beds in 1996. Douglas, Joan, and their son Joseph insist on a clean, fun environment. The family cat, the family dog, "Albert", the gold-fish pond, and the numerous pet birds, create a very warm and friendly environment. The pool table, the cable T.V., the laundry room, free lockers, free donuts & coffee, free maps, plus all standard Hostel features make the Atlanta Hostel a God-sent for the weary student Hostel traveler.
Being not all people can afford to travel and stay in fine hotels. College students love to travel and they fit into this previous frugal category. Let's fill the need of these worldwide young travelers. Let's invent a dormitory type facility with men and women in separate dorms. Add a common kitchen, laundry room, game room and baths for every eight travelers. Let's provide information and education on the culture and sights of each spot in the United States and the world. For example, Atlanta, Georgia provides an involvement in pride of the history of the Civil Rights Movement while reflecting a pride in the courage of the futile Confederacy. Put this facility in safe locations and charge a reasonable fee per night for a bunk bed for students and for foreign passport holders, you have a Hostel, not just any Hostel, but Atlanta International Hostel.

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223 Ponce de Leon Avenue
United States
(404) 875-9449
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Excellent Midtown Location
Thriving Neighborhood
Family Run Hostel
Fun Environment
Pool Table
Cable T.V.
Laundry Room
Free Lockers

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