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Artis Zoo, in Amsterdam, North Holland, the oldest Zoo in the Netherlands, founded in 1838, shows its historical character even before you walk through the gates, two golden eagles are perched proudly atop the main entrance. People enjoy the 19th-century atmosphere of the gardens, the winding paths, majestic trees, the fascinating sculptures and the monumental historical buildings. Artis Zoo is a haven of peace and quiet right in the city centre of Amsterdam, North Holland.
Artis Zoo is a fascinating Zoo. In an area of 14 hectares around 700 species of animals provide a magnificent overview of the entire animal kingdom. Amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds, mammals and insects, all are superbly represented. The renowned Aquarium brings you face to face with the secret life of Amsterdam's canals. Around the Zoo you'll find many more Dutch and European animal and plant species, as well as more exotic ones. You can also come to quench your thirst for knowledge at the Planetarium, the museums and all kinds of smaller exhibitions.
Artis Zoo contains more than 200 different species of trees. Some of the trees predate Artis itself. One such example is the common oak next to the outdoor chimpanzee enclosure. This tree has been estimated to be about 250 years old. Like most oaks in temperate regions, this oak loses its leaves in the winter.

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Plantage Kerklaan 38-40
North Holland
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