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Alamir Lebanese Restaurant won the 2001 Golden Sunshine Award for Best Restaurant in West Africa. Located along the prestigious SeneGambia-Airport Highway, Kololi, Gambi, the Restaurant, which has been likened to a Paradise, is of a masterful architecture which filters sunlight in through the glass windows and doors during the day and allows a subdued romantic atmosphere in the evenings with its' special electric lighting. The end effect is one which creates the perfect atmosphere in which to relax at any time of the day or night. Add to this, the extensive and sumptuous offerings on its' menu and you can easily understand why Alamir Lebanese Restaurant in Kololi has won many hearts and awards. Our frequently returning clientele come to partake of the variety of sandwiches, salads, soups, cakes and excellent coffee. Prompt counter service guarantees on time delivery of orders if your time is limited. However, we guarantee that with such pleasant surroundings you will be in no rush to leave. Please drop by and sample a classic Lebanese hospitality in the welcoming haven of The Gambia, West Africa.
Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner covers a wide range of exotic Middle Eastern food served by a delightfully pleasant staff who are always here to serve you.
Alamir Lebanese Restaurant is an excellent rendezvous spot to keep business appointments, greet friends or just catch one's breath after a demanding schedule. You can choose from an assortment of delicious, light and mouth watering pastries or from light bites snacks or you can go ahead and really enjoy yourselves with our Main Dishes.
Alamir Lebanese Restaurant is certainly one of the luxury Restaurants of The Gambia where good food meets with good people to entertain.
We regularly feature live music in the evenings and occasionally, we do have professional belly-dancers performing to the delight of our satisfied customers.
Alamir is always open for lunch and dinner. Please visit us now to enjoy our service.

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