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At Airlie Acupuncture in Nairn, Scotland, United Kingdom, Acupuncture is used, this is fine sterile needles being inserted into the skin at selected Acupuncture points, acupressure, massage and moxibustion (heat treatment on the Acupuncture points) according to the individual requirement of the patient. At Airlie Acupuncture, much care is taken to explore the patients history, lifestyle, habits etc. in order to form a thorough diagnosis.
There are also diagnostic techniques such as palpation of pulses and observation of the tongue particular to Chinese medicine which monitor the state of the " Chi " or vital energy, and the progress of treatment. This type of Acupuncture is holistic in approach, endeavouring to heal body, mind and spirit reaching the true cause of dis-ease rather than palliate symptoms, improving energy levels and well being, encouraging the natural healing processes.
People come to Airlie Acupuncture in Nairn, Scotland for treatment for a variety of reasons such as chronic conditions, muscular-skeletal problems, psychological problems such as depression, phobia and often a mixture of a few. Treatment can also help with addictions and alleviate acute and chronic pain.
At Airlie Acupuncture we work with Chi, discovering where blockages, tensions and deficiencies need to be rebalanced, the name of the problem is not as important as its nature. Treatment can become a process of dialogue, discovery, detoxification and healing whereby the need to change lifestyle habits can become apparent and can be supported.

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