'1743' Razzett L-Antik

'1743' Razzett L-Antik in Malta, Malta Island, Malta | Restaurant

Situated in the medieval baker's village of Casal Curmi il-Fornaro (today Hal-Qormi), Razzett L-Antik is dedicated to 1000 years of Maltese food and culinary heritage specialising in the tasteful art of slow food farmhouse cooking, with an entertaining style of service that promotes Maltese traditions. The main building itself was once a milling factory to grind grain to flour for the daily bread and is over 400 years old. The medieval milling room is now set up for the two cooking schools and for gourmet and private dining.
Dressed up in period costume, service is Rustic family style making Razzett L-Antik the ideal venue to relax and appreciate traditional Maltese hospitality and culinary delights. Seating capacity is of 200 persons with the private room seating an extra 50 persons. On the terrace overlooking the courtyard is space for another 25.

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Valley Road, Qormi
Malta Island
(+356) 21 470 221
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