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  • Rostock

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    Rostock is the largest city in the north German state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Rostock is located on the Warnow river; the quarter of Warnemünde 12 km north of the city centre lies directly on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

  • HCC Rostock

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    The HCC Rostock in Rostock, Germany, is an inviting leisure center that offers a myriad of indoor and outdoor activities that will keep family and friends happily entertained for the duration of your visit with us. Activities offered by our leisure center include tennis, beach volleyball, football, table tennis, squash, badminton and more and we are also the perfect venue for hosting many private events. Our ten pin bowling alley features 16 fully automatic lanes that provides endless fun, and we also have certified trainers who offer excellent fitness courses and training programs. HCC Rostock has a large arena with obstacles, effects, a labyrinth and more that will make all laser tag games a veritable adventure with loads of fun.

  • Rostock-Guide

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    Rostock-Guide in Rostock, Germany, is a reputable tour operator company that specializes in excellent, interesting and informative guided tours to spectacular destinations that will take your breath away. Our guided tours are presented by professional and friendly tour guides who will keep you entertained with their wealth of knowledge about the areas visited. We also offer interesting guided walking tours that last approximately 90 minutes, and includes excellent sightseeing of historic buildings and many other significant places. Visitors from cruise ships on short stays, are welcome to join group tours or private options offered by Rostock-Guide, to make your short visit to our historic town a memorable one.

  • Rostock Zoo

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    Rostock Zoo in Rostock, Germany, has been a home and safe haven for thousands of animals since the zoo was established in 1899, and today our furry residents include 380 different species from around the world. Set in a park-like landscape, our zoo features many ornate sculptures and statues that you will see as you enjoy leisurely walks through our gardens filled with many treasured trees. A large outdoor enclosure is home for lions, snow leopards and jaguars and the large open spaces ensure comfortable movement for these big cats. Rostock Zoo offers fun, informative and interesting guided tours conducted by knowledgeable tour guides who will regale you with fascinating animal stories as well as a day in life at the zoo.

  • Schifffahrtsmuseum Rostock

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    Visit Schifffahrtsmuseum Rostock in Rostock

  • The Rostock Yacht Club

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    The Rostock Yacht Club in Rostock, Germany, is a yacht club of many years standing, and offers excellent and fun training sessions that will suit beginners and advanced sailing enthusiasts. Since 2013 our yacht club has also been offering enjoyable stand up paddling and we have 6 boards for members to use. Regattas play an important part in the life of any yacht club, and our club has successfully been represented in numerous competitions, even beyond German borders. We also have a shop that is stocked with shirts and other accessories. After fun and enjoyable yachting experiences and intense training sessions, the clubhouse at Rostock Yacht Club becomes a popular meeting place for members.

  • Rosmarino Steakhouse Restaurant

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    Rosmarino Steakhouse Restaurant in Rostock, Germany, is a delightful steakhouse and restaurant that exudes charm and warmth and offers amazing views of the harbor and river Warnow. Our steakhouse and restaurant offers an innovative and interesting menu of International cuisine as well as our spectacular seasonal creations that will satisfy even the most discerning of palates. And for wine connoisseurs, we have an excellent assortment of wines that will further enhance dining experiences. Rosmarin'o Lounge onsite at Rosmarino Steakhouse Restaurant is an ideal venue for hosting weddings, birthday parties and many other private events, and with our excellent catering you can look forward to memorable events.

  • Trihotel

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    Trihotel in Rostock, Germany, is a unique, owner managed spa hotel that offers excellent wellness services and comfortable stays in a choice of 101 spacious, elegantly furnished guest rooms and suites that are ideal for romantic getaways and relaxing vacations. Facilities include a restaurant, bar, beer garden, conference packages, live entertainment and much more. Our spa hotel features an excellent day spa that offers many wellness treatments, themed baths, fitness area, swimming pool, soothing massage, facials and many other diverse wellness packages. Trihotel is a great venue for memorable weddings as well as many other private events.

  • Jellyfish Hostel

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    Jellyfish Hostel in Rostock, Germany, with its convenient location, is a charming hostel housed in a delightful 19th century mansion, and offers comfortable stays in dormitories featuring bunk beds, lockers, shared bathrooms, as well as private rooms with ensuite bathrooms. A few of our rooms include a sitting area where guests can relax. Our hostel also offers female-only dormitories. For a moderate fee, a buffet breakfast is served, there is also a shared kitchen for guests to use. Facilities at Jellyfish Hostel include a small garden, free wifi and a lounge where guests can enjoy table foosball and many other games.

  • Talisman Rikscha

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    Talisman Rikscha in Rostock, Germany, is a friendly tour operator company that offers enjoyable and interesting tours on board unique rickshaws that feature environmentally friendly electric motors and can carry 2 to 3 people per rickshaw. Enjoy amazing tours that are safe and comfortable accompanied by an experienced rickshaw driver who knows the best places for interesting and fun sightseeing and city tours. We can even stop for fun picnics. Talisman Rikscha offers unique transport that allows bridal party guests to be transported to weddings and celebrations, and with prior arrangement we can include a red carpet and floral arrangements.