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Tynemouth is a village and historic resort in Tyne and Wear, England, situated at the mouth of the River Tyne, between North Shields (on the Tyne) and Whitley Bay (on the coast to the North). It is administered as part of the borough of North Tyneside, but until 1974 was an independent county borough (including North Shields) in its own right. Tynemouth was a settlement from Iron Age times and the headland was easily defended. The queens of Edward I and Edward II preferred to stay in the medieval castle there while their husbands were campaigning in Scotland. King Edward III considered it to be one of the strongest castles in the Northern Marches. After Bannockburn in 1314, Edward II fled from Tynemouth by ship. Tynemouth is popular locally for its beaches. Longsands is wide and sandy, with rolling surf. In recent years it has become a well known surfing beach, and has hosted international surfing competitions. King Edward's Bay is a smaller, more secluded beach next to the priory. The beaches and sea views have always attracted visitors, including Lewis Carroll in 1855, William Bell Scott, Algernon Swinburne and Dante Gabriel Rossetti in 1862, when Swinburne declaimed his poems to the waves, and Charles Dickens who was knocked flat by a wave and soaked in 1867. Tynemouth is the endpoint for the 140 mile long Sea to Sea Cycle Route from Whitehaven or Workington in Cumbria. The seafront is also the site of the Blue Reef Aquarium. Festivals Fish Quay Festival Each year, Tynemouth and nearby North Shields play host to the Fish Quay Festival, which includes art, local and international music, street celebrations and a carnival-style event.

This also includes a fireworks display with Tynemouth Castle as the preferred backdrop. Mouth of Tyne Festival Starting in 2005 and continuing annually, the Mouth Of Tyne Festival (also known as the MOTFest) expands upon the Fish Quay Festival. It is staged in Tynemouth and South Shields on the opposite bank of the Tyne and includes live world music, cultural performances, processions and a pyrotechnic show, as well as art displays. Tynemouth Pageant Tynemouth Pageant is a community organisation in North Tyneside, Tyne and Wear, England, devoted to staging an open-air dramatic pageant every three years in the grounds of Tynemouth Castle and Priory, by kind permission of English Heritage who run the historic monastic and defensive site at the mouth of the River Tyne.

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  • Lawrence Brown

    Tynemouth north pier on a lovely day. Blowing the cobwebs away. http://t.co/DoXgIFTPXV

    Today, 16:53

  • Joanne

    Had a great day at Tynemouth long sands #sun #spring #beach

    Today, 16:51

  • Sheffield Dust

    A submarine edges up the Tyne #tynemouth... http://t.co/p1wXsybO5f

    Today, 16:46

  • Gail

    @smartestgiant Tynemouth is a world apart from Gateshead though innit

    Today, 16:42

  • smartestgiantintown

    @CharlieWoof81 Whenever I'm back in Tynemouth people seem to be enjoying themselves and generally friendly. I also get the sense that...

    Today, 16:41

  • Bertie Shaw

    Whitley bay. Tynemouth. As good as it gets #beautiful http://t.co/AJaiPcHiKD

    Today, 16:38

  • DMP Ltd

    In Newcastle with the outlaws for Easter looking for what to do. Raspberry bazaar & Tynemouth flea market are on our list

    Today, 16:37

  • Education Yoga

    RT @NewtonTatiana: #yogastudy in #theSnug @BikeKayak #Tynemouth #longsands #beach #walk #Cullercoast http://t.co/ep3efPLfgd

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    #yogastudy in #theSnug @BikeKayak #Tynemouth #longsands #beach #walk #Cullercoast http://t.co/ep3efPLfgd

    Today, 16:33

  • Mthrfckn Prncess

    Today would have been the most perfect day to hit Tynemouth surf and what am I doing? Sitting indoors surrounded by college work, fkn kmn

    Today, 16:32

  • Deborah C

    Huge queue for fish & chips, best be worth it! #hungry #Tynemouth

    Today, 16:21

  • Jennifer Boyd

    I want to steal all the pooches on tynemouth beach 😍😍 wanna be a full time puppy snatcher maybe throw a penguin and dolphin in too🐶🐬🐧

    Today, 16:20

  • Stephen

    RT @RebelStarbird: Open air changing rooms - Tynemouth Edition. Worst #surf ever with @jedi_vedder http://t.co/JFbOVLIGYd

    Today, 16:12

  • Lucie

    Manage to get from tynemouth to Newcastle City centre with a fuck load of traffic in about ten minutes run half way across the station😁

    Today, 16:08

  • Sophie Thompson

    Love Tynemouth ☀️🌻

    Today, 16:07

  • Idy Etette

    RT @SimonBatesFdn: Watch out for #SBF12in12 today in Ponteland, Newcastle & Tynemouth - 31 miles to mark Si's 31 bday. Support us: text SPA…

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  • ruby young

    @elle_young I'll give you a text cos I think I'm going to Tynemouth babess

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  • Anna Louise

    Lovely day in Tynemouth. http://t.co/nVEeGOd8pi

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    Open air changing rooms - Tynemouth Edition. Worst #surf ever with @jedi_vedder http://t.co/JFbOVLIGYd

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  • Sunset Sons

    RT @claudiarachel90: Loved the Sunset Sons gig last night at the Watch House ⚓️ in Tynemouth and amazing support artist Sam… http://t.co/lT…

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