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San Michele di Pagana (San Michê in Ligurian language) is a fraction of the town of Rapallo in Genova. It is approximately one and a half kilometers from Rapallo and many from the nearby coastal town of Santa Margherita Ligure, which borders the village. San Michele di Pagana is the only fraction of rapallese which overlooks the sea in the Gulf of Tigullio. It is divided into two parts geographicaly, the hilly area and the maritime world. Indeed the local altitude varies from 3 meters above sea level on the coast, up to maximum of 25 m. The town enjoys a Mediterranean climate, just like many coastal towns in Liguria, which rarely registers a sharp drop in temperatures in winter and high in summer. According to studies carried out by local historians it seems that  San Michele di Pagana had already existed in Roman times, as a small fishing port. The argument, advanced by historians, were further supported by the recent discovery of an ancient and primitive port, immersed in the waters of the village. Some divers have alos found valuable seabed finds as ancient vases and amphorae. Despite the considerable distance from Rapallo that almost inevitably caused a kind of isolation and local autonomy, especially in ancient times, it became a part of the six sestieri citizens, the old territorial division and historical town. The coast  of San Michele di Pagana is divided mainly by seafood into three bays: Pomaro, Trelo or Travello and Prelo, each enclosed in classic and typical Ligurian town with a few tall houses, streets and on the seashore. The three bays are connected with each other through a feature of narrow cliff along the sea. The bay called Pomaro is the beginning and in practice the core of  San Michele di Pagana. Typically a  few arcades are present, typical of villages in Liguria, the square in front of the arcades in summer becomes home to bathing establishments and commercial premises. Not not far from the beach isthe railway line that crosses the fraction through a viaduct. Until the sixties  San Michele di Pagana was equipped with its own train station, inaugurated when the railroad arrived in the town of Rapallese in  October 31, 1868.  From here, in fact, began the maiden voyage of the first steam locomotive aimed at La Spezia.

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