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Pietra Ligure is a town of 9,144 inhabitants in the province of Savona, Italy. The coastal town on the coast stretches for about four kilometers, at the mouth of the river Maremola, between the towns of Borgio Verezzi and Loano. . Its shores are low and sandy, typical of the Riviera di Ponente. Distance from the capital about 31 km.  The territory is part of the mountain community Pollupice. Pietra Ligure owes its name to the castle that stands on spuntone rock exposed to the northeast, over the bay, the coast and surrounding hills. Castrum et Oppidum Petrae, century long and inhabited by the bishops the stone castle, built in VII-VIIIof Albenga, which in 1100 became their summer residence. The first human settlements in the area, dating to the Neolithic period, are certificates from various archaeological found in the caves of Mount Trabocchetto (Rocca delle Fene). Among the finds some tools for hunting and defense, but also traces of fire. Other findings, as a tomb wagon riportabile, are dated to the Iron Age and Roman imperial domination in the area. They were also found ancient coins, I and II of the century, the scholars assumed by the establishment of a settlement that, after the passage of the Via Aurelia to the French Riviera, it acquired greater importance because of the economic road link with the major centers of Romany Vado Ligure and Albenga.

Tourism is the main source of economic activity, especially in summer, but the honor is also the agricultural sector. . In certain areas it is still practiced the cultivation of vegetable gardens, orchards and olive groves. A Pietra Ligure is a major shipyard active since 1916.  Through various stages of prosperity and crisis now the structure is managed by the company Rodriquez. However, a planned conversion to the use of tourist site with the construction of a park, a hotel and a marina for pleasure boats. The shipyard that will insist on a much smaller surface of the now active in the construction of large ships in aluminum, will be most likely converted to the manufacture of recreational craft.

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