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France is a destination for those who enjoy history, culture and the art of living well. This taste for life is evident from the chic boulevards of Paris to the sparkling ski slopes of the Alps. A visit to France is basking in sunlit vineyards or sun-baked beaches, a dusty game of boules, or coffee and croissants in an undiscovered village. France offers the glamorous jet-set lifestyle of the Mediterranean, or a relaxing picnic in Provence, where the air is fragrant with wild herbs and lavender. World heritage sites include prehistoric caves and the standing stones of Carnac. For culture vultures France offers a feast for the eyes, from the finest art collections in the Louvre or Orsay museums, verdant parks and gardens, the architectural masterpieces of the past abbeys, cathedrals and châteaux such as Chenonceau, Blois and Chantilly, to today's impressive modern monuments like the Arch at La Défense, or the Centre Georges Pompidou. There are sites of intimate charm like the Clos-Lucé d'Amboise, where Leonardo da Vinci once lived, to the château of Auvers-sur-Oise where Impressionism blossomed … each tells its own story, its traditions, its residents, its character.

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