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Diving center in Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

  • Octopus Dive Center

    At Octopus Dive Center in Mallorca we consider the safety of our clients and the quality of equipment to be one of the most important aspects to cave diving, in conjunction with comprehensive cave diving courses, and then we ensure that clients have fun and enjoyable dives,. We have full storage and rinsing facilities for gear and are also able to supply a comprehensive range of gear and equipment for hire. Our dive shop stocks all the necessary gear paraphernalia and dive souvenirs, and we can arrange for videos or photographs to be made of your dives. An exhilirating network of caves exists beneath the coast of Mallorca, either partly or wholly submerged, with an extensive display of unique features such as stalactites and stalagmites, and divers also come across amazing flora and fauna seldom found anywhere else. Cave divers are attracted to the often unexplored, water-filled caves of Mallorca, and enjoy the challenge these caves present, never being sure what exciting sights are lurking around each corner or bend.

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