Yalta Museum

Museum in Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine

  • Chekhov House and Museum

    Chekhov House and Museum in Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine is a place where you can feel the history and view how the writer Chekhov lived and where he wrote. Museum ladies will give you a personal tour of each room with insight, and there is a scientific library with many books and materials, and thematic excursions are available for school children and students with tours of the memorial garden and the Crimean literary and art memorial museum reserve. Chekhov House and Museum hosts museum items and collections, and is dedicated to the preservation and popularization of objects of cultural heritage and values and place of interest in Crimea, as well the residence of writer A.P. Chekhov and the poet A.S. Pushking and other outstanding Russian figures.

  • Polyana Skazok Museum

    Polyana Skazok Museum in Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine is a fairy tale museum and a world of fun to visit for both children and adults, it is a place where the fairy tales of Yalta come to life with unique sculptures. Located in a beautiful area of the Southern coast of Crimea near the Wuchang-Su waterfall, in the forest at the foot of the quaint rock of Stavri-Kaya, here a fairy tale meadow has been created with bizarre characters and features over 300 sculptures made by folk craftsmen and professional artists. Polyana Skazok Museum invites children to interact with their favourite heroes, have pictures taken, climb on them and touch the, there is also the Kingdom of curved mirrors, clowns, conjurers making their magic and much more, it's great fun for everyone.

  • Yalta Historical and Literary Museum

    The Yalta Historical and Literary Museum in Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine has a long and interesting history going back over 125 years, and today features more than 160,000 museum items, it is a unique complex uniting historical and literary expositions. In recent years, the museum has been actively engaged in publishing, and is a participant of the II and III All Ukranian museum festivals, it is the only museum on the Southern coast of the Crimea where you can get acquainted with the history of the Yalta region from ancient times to the present. The Yalta Historical and Literary Museum is a fascinating place to visit and sightseeing tours and thematic excursions are offered, plus there is a museum school.

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