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Welcome to Toad Hill Pottery, Parry Sound, Canada. From the first touch of clay over 22 years ago, I knew that this was how I wanted to make a living. Toad Hill Pottery was established in 1982 in a renovated garage, but until 1998, I continued to work as a registered nurse, running the pottery after work and on my days off.
Over the years I have developed a distinctive style, but one that consistently changes. No two pieces are ever the same and colours and patterns vary from year to year. Dragons have been appearing in various forms from the beginning. They can be found in the garden as well as on the shelves. I love to talk to visitors, show them how pottery is made and give tours of my studio. Come for a visit!
Toad Hill Pottery is located on Murray Point Rd. in Nobel, Parry Sound. The studio is a unique building on the street due to it's appearance. The inside of Toad Hill Pottery is just as unique and interesting for here is where Barbara's creations are created and displayed for all to see.

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20 Murray Point Rd., R.R. #3, Parry Sound Ontario
Parry Sound
(705) 342-5491
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