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Nine productions, two plays a night and over 40 professional actors, musicians, directors, writers, technicians and front of house staff are going to entertain you all summer long in the wonderful community of Cow Head on the shores of the magnificent Shallow Bay.
Our Festival is of Newfoundland stories, songs and music. A festival to celebrate the Newfoundland culture, heritage and most importantly her people. Quality of product is the mantra for Theatre Newfoundland Labrador. Who better to supply that quality than a professional Theatre company that had been in business since 1979. Our goal is to open a window on our culture and heritage. To shine a light on the history of a people who have lived for over 500 years in this beautiful land.
We will tell stories about heroic nurses, heroic actions during a ship wreck, a pair of Newfoundland Eds, and a real life murder mystery from the 1800s. There'll be traditional Newfoundland music and comedy hits. There'll be outdoor Theatre and parades and guest musical and theatrical performances. Workshops and readings. In short - a festival!
And for Theatre Newfoundland Labrador it will come down to one thing. Our people. While the beauty of this great land surrounds us - it's our people that make us, oh, so special! Come and be entertained as we preserve and share our joys and tragedies with people of the world.

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