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Welcome to the Seaside Museum, Seaside, United States. The Seaside Museum & Historical Society of Oregon is a non-profit educational institution incorporated by the State of Oregon to collect, preserve and interpret materials illustrative of the history of Seaside, Oregon, and the surrounding area.

Your adventure at the Seaside Museum  will take you back thousands of years, and then bring you forward to the recent past. Allow yourself at least an hour to get an overview of the galleries. See the Native American Exhibit at the Seaside Museum.  In the Native American exhibit, you start your journey at the Palmrose and Par-Tee Archeological Digs which were conducted by the Smithsonian Institution during the 1970s. Artifacts were carbon isotope dated and found to be over 2,000 years old. From these artifacts the lifestyle of the inhabitants could be determined. Some of these artifacts are displayed along with drawings and interpretive signage.

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