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A new player on Gdansk's upmarket restaurant scene, Salonik Restaurant has already made more than a few mouths water with its tantalizing modern Polish cuisine.  Salonic Restaurt in Gdansk, Poland, serves dishes such as 'roasted breast of duck with apples and pears, glazed with plum vodka and caramelized forest bilberry', and yes 'bilberry' is a real fruit, and these dishes are sure to set gourmets pulses racing, and deservedly so.  Salonik Restaurant's interior is every bit as refined as the food and the wine list includes the likes of Chateauneufs, Reislings and Chiantis.   Surprisingly the bill remains remarkably palatable too.
The food tastes great and the staff are professional and pleasant., making Salonik Restaurant a must for all those interested in foreign cuisine.
According to traditional Polish tradition we would like to invite you to Salonik Restaurant, which means a small meeting place with the charm and warmth where important guests gather.
Salonik Restaurant has become a meeting place not only for guests in Gdansk but also for everyone who enjoys eating and talking over a glass of wine.

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ul. Dluga 20
Pomeranian Voivodeship
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