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When you choose Royal Palm Hotel for your holiday in Grand Baie, Mascarene Islands of Mauritius, you can expect perfection from start to finish; it is undeniably the finest Hotel in Mauritius.

Located on the sheltered north-west coast, stretching along a pure white sandy beach, Royal Palm Hotel is a tranquil tropical haven with an uncompromising commitment to excellence in Grand Baie.

A proud member of "The Leading Hotels of the World", it symbolizes the harmony between luxury and refinement.

A stay at Royal Palm Hotel can only be one of a kind. Each visit feels like a homecoming. Time is purely subjective within Royal Palm?s environment as if it was made for unique moments, the kind that leave indelible traces in one?s heart.
Royal Palm delights you with its hint of nostalgia, timeless values and peaceful atmosphere. Your every wish is anticipated and every whim is satisfied with impeccable service that is as attentive as it is discreet.

The team at Royal Palm is committed to your well-being, whether you are enjoying a meal in one of the Hotel?s restaurants, a treatment in the sumptuous surroundings of the Spa or simply relaxing on the beach or in your private Suite.

Celebrated for its award-winning cuisine, Royal Palm invites you to a tantalizing culinary experience in its three restaurants.

Immerse yourself in complete luxury and book your holiday in Mauritius at Royal Palm Hotel on Mascarene Islands.

Known for its exceptional cuisine, Royal Palm invites you to sample delicious cuisine in each of its three restaurants: Le Bar Plage, Le Natureaty and La Goélette.

These names have ventured far beyond the bounds of Mauritius and as such take you on a journey of their own with carefully selected dishes delighting all your senses.

Award-winning French Chef Michel de Matteis presides over the kitchen where he weaves the magic to create memorable meals.

Absorb the sophistication and sip a glass of champagne on the terrace of the bar overlooking the most beautiful sea view in Mauritius.

Restaurants at Royal Palm Hotel in Grand Baie:

La Goélette

La Goélette, a romantic terrace restaurant, has acquired well-deserved international status over the years. Today, the restaurant is recommended worldwide. Here you can enjoy an eclectic mix of international and local favourites, combining the world's finest ingredients with the freshest produce in Mauritius.


Alternatively, you can choose the intimate atmosphere of the Natureaty. The restaurant serves well-balanced dishes that highlight the delicate flavours of the natural ingredients, perfectly combined with an Asian influence.

Le Bar Plage

For an informal lunch, relax under a magnificent badamier tree on the terraces of Le Bar Plage. The menu includes delicious light meals and snacks. In this exceptional setting, enjoy some of the best days of your holiday in Mauritius.

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