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Potoroo Palace is a not for profit organisation in Merimbula, New South Wales, Australia, whose aim is to improve the habitats and wellbeing of the native animals already in our care and to promote public awareness of their plight in the wild and to educate the community about the importance of the conservation of our unique Australian native animals and plants.
Many of the animals at Potoroo Palace are native to Merimbula, New South Wales. We have three Long-nosed Potoroos. Macropods such as Swamp Wallabies and Eastern Grey Kangaroos, along with Bare nosed Wombats. Short-beaked Echidnas and Long-nosed Bandicoots are all found in the Bega Valley, sometimes even entering our own backyards. Emus and even Dingos can be found in the surrounding area. Koalas and Long-nosed Potoroos are very rare here now, but were once abundant. People come from all over the world to Australia to see our native animals.
In everything we do at Potoroo Palace, we think first of the welfare of the animals and the world in general. Our foci are, education, community and conservation. You can help us by bringing your friends and family.

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New South Wales
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