Palinuro Sub Diving Center

Palinuro Sub Diving Center in Palinuro, Salerno, Italy | Diving

Palinuro Sub Diving Center came from one who is immersed in these depths assiduously since 1983. The modern structure, which specializes in scuba, marine biology and underwater caving in Palinuro, Italy, has chosen the way of quality and competence.

The trainers and escorts have a specific training for the dive in cave / quarries. The number of people driven no more than four to five per group is preceded and followed by an extensive geological and biological explanation. Palinuro Sub Diving Center has a boat which is fully equipped with means of communication, first aid kit and a sailor is always on board. In addition to a mini-equipped workshop for emergency operations, are available spaces for storage tanks and equipment for separate rinsing of wetsuits and instrumentation. In addition to international immersion courses, you make those of caving with the patent issue introductory Cave / Cavern and Cave / Cave in Palinuro, Italy. The marine biology courses are supported by extensive photographic documentation, literature and audio-visual recognition of the bodies.

The passion for the sea has a very important place in the professional services offered by Palinuro Sub Diving Center in Palinuro, Italy.

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