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Welcome to Osborn-Jackson House, East Hampton, New York, United States. The Osborn-Jackson House, named for its first and last owners was lived in by six generations of Osborns until the late 1960's.The original portion of the house, probably built in 1723, was the family home of "Deacon" Daniel Osborn. His son, Jonathan inherited the house and made additions in 1760. The house was owned successively by his sons Joseph and Sylvanus, his grandson Edward E. Gardiner and their descendents until the mid-20th century.
This colonial house, one of the few still in its original position on Main Street, is owned and maintained by the Village of East Hampton. Lionel Jackson donated the property to the Village of East Hampton, New York in 1977 for use as a Museum. It serves as the headquarters for the East Hampton Historical Society and a period house Museum for the general public.
The historic 18th century interiors of the Osborn-Jackson House Museum are furnished with over two dozen examples of furniture made by the same East Hampton craftsmen family who also built two of our village's windmills. From chairs, stands, a tall chest, a tall case clock, to a cradle, it is fascinating to see rooms decorated with local furniture and heirlooms. This season the visitor has the opportunity to see how a prominent Main Street family might have lived in about 1800.

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