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Welcome to The Oakland Housing Authority, United States. The Oakland Housing Authority was established on April 28, 1938 to provide low-income residents of the City of Oakland with access to low-cost housing. Currently, the Authority provides 3,308 public housing units on 268 sites, 1,386 units at large developments, 1,615 units at scattered sites, and 307 units in mixed-finance partnerships, and 11,142 Section 8 leased housing units (rental assistance to private owners).
The Oakland Housing Authority is governed by a seven-member Board of Commissioners appointed by the mayor of the City of Oakland, with the approval of the Oakland City Council. Two members are residents of the Housing Authority. The Housing Authority executive director reports to the Board of Commissioners. The Authority has a budgeted staff of 327 in 12 major divisions. The Office of Real Estate Development; the Office of Programme Administration including the Departments of Leased Housing, Financial Management, Management Information Systems, and California Affordable Housing Initiatives.
The mission of the Oakland Housing Authority is to assure the availability of quality housing for low-income persons and to promote the civic involvement and economic self-sufficiency of residents and to further the expansion of affordable housing within Oakland.

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