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Your pet is in good hands with Melissa's Mutt Hutt in Manhattan Beach, California in the United States. In addition to being voted "Best Los Angeles Dog Walker", we are licensed, bonded, and certified in Animal First Aid and "catering to pampered Pets" in the comfort of their own homes.
Melissa's Mutt Hutt provides in-home pet sitting, daycare, boarding, pet massage, dog walking, grooming, obedience training, daily visits pet photography and pet taxi services. Although we are headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California, we serve all of Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and even the South Bay.
At the end of any of your pet's daycare, walking, grooming services you will receive a daily diary letting you know what your pet did while you where gone, if they met any friends, what bath time was like, or what kind of mischief they might have got into! "We strive to make our customers happy, and go out of our way to do that."
Melissa'a Mutt Hutt is owned and operated by Melissa Clarkson, her love for animals helped her to develop a service that she would use or her own Pets. What she designed is a group of highly personalized services including, an alternative to cage-free kennels, and traditional kennel boarding, and crazy large group dog walks.
It is well known that boredom and loneliness can cause anxiety and destructive behavior in animals. Providing your pet with company and regular exercise is critical to health and happiness. Exercise helps to lower your animal's stress, encouraging problem free behavior, extends their life span by staying fit and trim, and promotes a healthy social temperament. The veterinarian's rule of thumb is?10 minutes of real exercise per ten pounds of doggie each and every day, even if you have a backyard.

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