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Lulu's at Homeport Marina in Orange Beach, Baldwin County, United States | Restaurant

Once upon a time, a Gulf Coast darling, born and raised in one L.A. (Lower Alabama) found herself living and dying in another L.A. (Los Angeles, California). She was born of a clan of adventurous spirits, thriving on life in the sun and life on the run. Still, Lulu knew sheâ??d had just about enough of the plastic pace of Hollywood and yearned for the sweet comfort of home and a way of life that is more about living than â??lifestyle.â?
With many failures in her pocket, and many triumphs in her heart, she packed her bags and her cats, Jazz and Whisper, and headed back to parts known, back to the place where her roots had grown. Now an adult woman, the memories of a childhood scented by magnolias in the spring, crab boils in the summer, tire swings and the glories of Mobile Bay, were calling her home.
Anyone who knows Lulu, knows the woman can cook. She is a passionate entertainer, a natural storyteller, and not unlike her big brother, Jimmy, can throw a party you will be hard pressed to forget, or possibly, remember. She moved to a beautiful spot on Weeks Bay, Alabama, and LuLuâ??s Sunset Grill was born â?? â??Where life is good and lunch lasts forever.â? It was just a little outdoor burger joint and bar, part of a bird estuary, in the same spot her father once took her and her brother fishing as children. A dream come true for a little southern belle.
"When I first opened LuLuâ??s Sunset Grill, I thoughtâ?¦hey, a little place on the water to get a cold beer and a good burger, just like my daddy would have loved after a long day of fishing. How hard could it be? After working for some of the meanest folks in Hollywood, this would be a piece of cake, right? Wrong! Itâ??s one of the toughest things Iâ??ve ever done. The Restaurant biz is not for the faint of heart...

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