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Jugendherberge Zug, Zug, Zug, Switzerland

Jugendherberge Zug, located in Zug, the Zug region of Switzerland is a spacious Youth Hostel with 88 beds, handicapped friendly and included Breakfast, and WC/showers.

In 1435 and in 1887, an entire section of the town sank into the lake, enticed by the legendary Sea Maiden of Zug. The only things sinking into the lake today, however, are the rays of the setting sun. But you're quite entitled to be enticed by images of sunsets or the water as you approach the Youth Hostel, just two minutes from the lake shore. And in Zug today, nobody could possibly sink into boredom, because Zug is the place to be, whether you're a rollerblade fan or a caving enthusiast.

An architectural gem - The city and Canton Zug donated this Youth Hostel to its people in 1987 - and it was a most generous gift. What was once a wooden shack has become a roomy building with 88 beds, an infrastructure suitable for the handicapped, and an art exhibition thrown in free of charge. The fa├žade boasts striking murals, and the working sketches for these are displayed in the dining room. The two flights of stairs are dedicated to water: you climb to the upper levels in the company of a wave crashing against a cliff, and from your room there are views of the glistening lake. Next morning, a colourful waterfall leads you down to breakfast.

The Youth Hostel, between the lake and the "Herti" sports complex, is ideal for sports camps intended for track and field athletes, curling or hockey teams, or divers. And to relax? How about a trip to the "Zugerberg" mountain and on to the open-air cinema by the lake?

This youth Hostel was awarded with the Quality Label for Swiss Tourism. Level I focuses on quality developments, and is dedicated in particular to service quality. HI-Q is the quality label of Hostelling International, and is your guarantee of a consistent level of quality during your Hostel stay. Only those HI Hostels which successfully complete the HI-Q programme will be certified and entitled to display the distinctive HI-Q logo.

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Allmendstrasse 8, Zug, Zug, Switzerland
+41 (0)41 711 53 54
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Disabled friendly apartment
Youth Hostel
Lake Shore Location
88 Beds
Handicapped Friendly
Art Exhibition
Water Themed Murals
Working Sketches
Glistening Lake Views
Herti Sports Complex
Zugerberg" Mountain
Open-air Cinema