The Joondalup Climbing Centre

The Joondalup Climbing Centre in Joondalup, Perth, Australia | Climbing

The Joondalup Climbing Centre in Joondalup, Western Australia offers a world of fun and the thrill of indoor Climbing at this premier Climbing centre ideal for beginners, and advanced climbers. They have an assortment of Climbing and bouldering for all ages, and all you need to bring are closed shoes and sporting clothes, they have children's classes too as well as group activities and facilities include top ropes and climbs a bouldering cave, Gri-Gri and slo-go top rope relay system, snack bar, mezzanine viewing gallery and pro shop. The Joondalup Climbing Centre offers great group experiences and it's the perfect venue for parties, school and youth groups and work colleagues or simply just a bunch of friends, Climbing is a fantastic sport and here they teach you how to manage the ropes, called belaying, and teach you advanced Climbing techniques, come enjoy this fun, highly interactive social activity.

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Unit 2/25 Winton Road,
Western Australia
08) 9301 0097
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