Irati in Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain | Restaurant

A cozy and exclusive setting is found at  Irati, Vigo, Spain a Restaurant which has become one of the most renowned of the city.

A warm and selective setting is found at  Iratí, a Restaurant that has become the most renowned of the city.

With an exclusive location, it occupies one of the former living rooms of the ancient building known as Las Casas de Oya, which was built in 1904 by José García Barbón over Michel Pacewicz’s project.

In Iratí a contemporary cuisine is developed with inspiration in the regional Galician cuisine. Those responsible for its success are the Magaz brothers, renowned restaurateurs in the Vigo area. Among the dishes on the menu one will find cod strips with ratatouille or the famous Riojan-style peppers. For dessert, they offer the traditional stuffed “filloas.”

Mention should be made of the extensive and carefully-selected wine list in which regional Galician wines stand out.

Visit the Irati Restaurant for a tasty experience.

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