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Welcome to Inn of the Seventh Ray, Topanga, United States. Some people say it’s LA's most romantic Restaurant and you may become engaged, even married here and celebrate your 50th. Forewarned is forearmed and you are now on your own recognizance.....but first a bit of history

Originally, the Inn of the Seventh Ray location was rumored to have been Aimee Semple McPherson’s private mountain retreat in the 1930’s, later becoming the site for Topanga’s first church, a Four Square Gospel church. It was later sold, to become a garage, gas station and auto junk yard, an eyesore to the crossroads of Topanga.

The property was discovered by the present owners and restored to it’s natural beauty, Over the passing years the Restaurant has become known as one of the places to go. We, at the Inn of the Seventh Ray, believe in giving you the purest of Nature’s foods, energized as a gift from the sun with a dash of esoteric food knowledge and ancient mystery school wisdom tossed in for your seasoning and pleasure. It may just raise your body’s light vibration and the extra work may cost you a few pennies more, but we believe in the long run, this way of living and eating may prove less expensive.

Chef Kabaoglu’s culinary odyssey has taken him to the Inn of the Seventh Ray, where he is Executive Chef, bringing full evidence of his culinary past. He believes in, and continues, the Inn’s commitment to natural local ingredients and demonstrates this with pure, clean, flavorful dishes.

We're probably biased, of course, but we think an Inn of the Seventh Ray Gift Card is a great way to show appreciation and caring to a friend, associate, or someone very dear to you. It doesn't have to be an occasion, just that random act of kindness or spontaneous expression of love. Go ahead, make someone happy.

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