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Hotel Villa Ducale is a small boutique Hotel, gently nestled in the green cliffs of Taormina, a secluded retreat in the raw, natural beauty of Sicily, Italy.
From the panoramic terrace and the private balconies of the rooms at Hotel Villa Ducale, guests can enjoy breathtaking views of more than 80km of Mediterranean coast and the flowing lava of the majestic Mount Etna at the horizon.
At night, the glistening lights of Taormina, Sicily, create an intense, romantic atmosphere.
Hotel Villa Ducale is a traditional aristocratic Sicilian Villa converted into a small boutique Hotel and completely renewed in 2007.
The Hotel preserves a Sicilian traditional style, without renouncing the modern comforts like Wi-Fi internet connection in all the rooms.
The flowers planted everywhere and the colourful surroundings allow travelers to unwind and relax in a postcard-like natural environment.
The most charming ambience of Hotel Villa Ducale is a secluded, panoramic terrace where guests can enjoy the complimentary Sicilian breakfast or sip the Sunset cocktail and day-dream at the sight of Taormina?s sea coast.
In the Mediterranean garden, Jasmine and orange blossoms surround the sunny decks and Jacuzzi pool offering precious moments for reading, chatting or just relaxing in Taormina?s sun.
The 11 Double rooms and 6 suites of Hotel Villa Ducale are all themed and individually furnished in typical Sicilian style.
The traditional d├ęcor, finished off in the smallest detail, may vary from raw stonework walls and wrought iron beds, to coral frames and tiled terracotta floorings. All antiques and painted ceramics are handmade by local artisans who preserve Sicily?s most precious traditions.

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Via Leonardo da Vinci, 60
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Aristocratic Sicilian Villa
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