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No. 3 Vanaturu Street is a merchant`s dwelling-house of venerable age. The fundamental walls on the courtyard side date from the 14th century, the part facing the street has a high triangular gable characteristic of the Hanseatic Gothic style and was built in 1419-1423. In all probability the large diele (hallway-kitchen) with a mantle-chimney was originally used as a tavern: the flagstone floor inclinde towards the street in the same way as in the taverns in Ancient Rome, so that whwnever a beer or winw butt happened to break, it was easy to sweep the liquid out into the street. In 1471-1492 the house belonged to a baker by the name of Marcus Stein. In those years the basement of the house was used as a bakery and the black and white bread baked there was sold either in the diele or at a small stall in front of the house.

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